From the Steeler docks
20 janvier 2022

First seatrials Steeler 61 S Electric

We make a lot of noise… with silence!

12 janvier 2022

Steeler featured in the latest edition of Motorboot

An in-depth article on the Steeler 57S Performance

21 décembre 2021

Launch Steeler 61S Electric

Finally she hit the water!

26 novembre 2021

Tender to megayacht
ready for blue water soon


24 novembre 2021

Steeler 61S AttÉtude preview, one month before launch


19 novembre 2021

Preparing for those cold winter days


10 novembre 2021

Introducing: the new Steeler ocean-going Explorer Yacht

This new Explorer is a whole new story. It is a story about you.

5 novembre 2021

Bronson 75 : the yacht that will inspire megayachts

It will be the largest Steeler ever built, more luxurious than any previous yacht, with more special features and innovations than any other in this class.

2 novembre 2021

Steeler in the latest issue of Jachtbouw Magazine

An interesting read (in Dutch) on our quality yachts, plus an interview with Steeler director Hans Webbink.

29 septembre 2021

Bronson 50 on the blue waters of Mexico

Enjoy the beautiful images of the first Bronson 50 in Mexico. In some areas the water is just a few feet deep.. no problem for this Bronson 50 with Arneson surface drives powered by twin MAN engines.

27 septembre 2021

Tender to megayacht.. beauty meets beauty

After leaving the paintshop it becomes evident how beautiful this tender will be.

22 septembre 2021

Electric ‘multipurpose’ tender to MY Attetude 61 ‘Havgap’

The full electric motoryacht Attetude 61 ‘Havgap’ currently under consruction will, of course, be equiped with an electric tender too.

15 septembre 2021

Ain’t No Sunshine

…when she’s gone, we’re back in Holland with the Bronson 50.

9 septembre 2021

You are welcome at our stand at the Cannes Yachting Festival until September 12th

You can discover the Bronson 50 at standnrs. QSP008 and QSP113.

3 septembre 2021

Launch of
57 S Performance « Unique »

Austria’s Unique is the project name for this aluminium custom project… the request of the demanding owners, in order to make the mission loud and clear for all involved.. “Make us a second to none motor yacht within the transportation limits set by her final destination, the Bodensee in Austria”.

You judge whether we achieved our goal!

1 septembre 2021

STEELER YACHTS brings Jonnie and Thérèse Boer of De Librije on board!

A unique collaboration between two multiple award-winning famous names, with the purpose of offering Steeler motor yacht customers an equally special addition to their nautical lifestyle.
26 août 2021

Steeler 65S Long Range under construction for Dutch client

The Steeler team is proud to announce that the next custom made 65S has been sold to a Dutch client. This ultimate long range offshore yacht will feature twin Cummins QSL9 low rev engines, spudpoles, Solar panels and a full custom interior design.

24 août 2021

Second Steeler 61S Performance in the making!

We have started the design and production proces for the second 61S Performance. And PERFORMANCE is written in capital letters.
18 août 2021

Visit us at cannes

This year at Cannes Yacht Festival Steeler will introduce the Steeler Bronson 50. The Bronson 50 is the first powerboat on the market to offer you a fabulous open connection between the suave cruiser-style interior areas and luxurious launch-like outdoor spaces. Blending the sleek lines of a powerboat with the luxuries of a motoryacht, this remarkable split-level layout is set to change everything.

You are welcome to visit us from Sep 7th-12th in Cannes on stand QSP008 and QSP113

6 août 2021

Steeler 50 S at Wannsee, Berlin

4 août 2021

BRONSON 50 takes an early morning trip from Mallorca to Ibiza

Takes an early morning trip from Mallorca to Ibiza
30 juillet 2021

Bronson custom projects: TENDER TO MEGAYACHT

9.0 meter custom aluminium tender with a convertible roof and beach landing abilities. An innovative system enables the roof to be adjusted in height which will allow the tender to be stored in the portside garage of the motoryacht.

11 juin 2021

Bronson 50 just arrived on Ibiza

Just arrived on Ibiza and already the hottest boat for charter quests!
Check availability on

3 juin 2021

Bronson 50 « Gaudy » on the North Sea to Zeebrugge for her ultimate destination Mexico

Cruising at 1600 Rpm @ 30 knots ..far away from her topspeed of 44 knots. Responsible for this incredible propulsion are two MAN 850’s and Arneson surface drives.

27 mai 2021

Bronson 50 on it’s way to Mexico

The B50 ‘Gaudy’ has twin MAN 850 engines with Arneson surface drives for spectacular performance.
Last seatrials before transatlantic transport.

23 mai 2021

Bronson 50 ‘Celebrate Life’ delivered to Ibiza

The first B50 sets course to Formentera during the first cruise… look at the turquoise waters surrounding the Bronson!
More photo’s and video’s soon.

19 mai 2021

First Bronson 50 arrives in the USA

B50 ‘Good Trouble’ has arrived in Ft Lauderdale.
A short trip to the Bahamas turned many heads and resulted in a nickname we can live with.. ‘Batmobile has arrived’!
More photo’s and video’s soon.

12 mai 2021

Steeler 50 S Trans Atlantic

Steeler is building a transatlantic version of the Steeler 50 S Long Range.
The hull will be steel with an aluminum superstructure.
Follow the proces on yachts under construction.

5 mai 2021

Bronson 50 tested by Nãutica Y Yates

11 décembre 2020

Bronson 50 gets on the cover of the leading yachting magazines across Europe!