Just imagine…

Just imagine…

A yachting experience beyond your imagination

Finally finding a shipyard that offers what you want.

… And not just what they happen to have

A custom yacht with your personal signature

Designed and built to the highest level of Dutch quality

Backed up by red-carpet service wherever you are in the world


Imagine the feeling of not having to compromise

And enjoying each and every minute onboard

Imagine a yacht that is truly yours

And a shipyard that becomes part of you too

Yachting can be totally enjoyable without any hassle.

Our 100% customer loyalty rating proves the point

Partner with Steeler Yachts for the perfect yachting experience.

And just imagine…


Steeler 52S Performance

Steeler 57S Long Range

Steeler 61 S Electric

Steeler Ocean Explorer 22M

One of a kind

Steeler Yachts builds handcrafted motoryachts of ultimate luxury.

Our yachts are renowned for their avant garde design, superior build quality and endless customisation possibilities.
We build every Steeler completely by hand in the Netherlands to the exact requirements of our clients. One of a kind motoryachts, for one of a kind owners.

This obsessive drive to provide custom & careless yachting turned all our owners into ambassadors. They finally found the alternative for mass products with endless snaglists and impersonal service and they want the yachting community to know !

Welcome to Steeler Yachts!



59 S Long Range


Because every Steeler tells a story, the yard behind them has a great many tales to tell. Stay up to speed with the latest developments with our newsletter. Featuring details of events where we can meet to discuss your ideas, new launches and owner-driven innovations, the Steeler newsletter makes for an inspiring read.

65 S Performance Trawler
Design and Comfort
Ocean Explorer 22M

The choice is yours

Steeler has successfully delivered more than 100 yachts over the past decade, each custom-created for clients with very different personalities and needs. Should long range cruising be your goal you’ll likely opt for an indestructible steel construction. If higher speeds are a priority, let’s build your performance yacht in aluminium. And we also offer a superior trawler line in steel and/or aluminium. All Steeler yachts today benefit from our patented S-design hull in terms of low fuel consumption, minimal spray and maximum interior volume. Read more about this highly innovative hull here.

Bronson 50
57S Performance
56S Performance