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An aluminium construction is the favourite building material for fast superyachts. The durability and stiffness in combination with the low weight and optimal weight distribution offer far superior performance, wave handling, stability and safety compared to any other construction material.

The design of a Steeler Performance yacht is hard to miss in any marina she visits and a pleasure to the eyes of everyone watching her. Hidden beyond this aesthetic pleasure, awaits the excitement of a yacht that is meant to deliver the perfect yachting experience by offering unmatched quality, comfort, usability and seaworthyness. That combination is a result of raising the bar in terms of design far beyond to what meets the eye !



•⁠ ⁠Steel
•⁠ ⁠Round bilged
•⁠ ⁠Seaworthyness, safety and stability
•⁠ ⁠Handcrafted custom interior
•⁠ ⁠Space utilization
•⁠ ⁠All climate proof
•⁠ ⁠Design
•⁠ ⁠Dutch Quality

The roll characteristics of a round bilged hull built in steel are undisputedly the most comfortable way to cruise at sea. The additional advantage of S-line bow with the deep sharp entry angle and the flared bow are a further improvement as it minimises resistance, bow wake and spray. In other words, a much better fuel efficiency and far less spraywater.



This new Explorer is a whole new story. It is a story about you.

The facts are simple. Ofcourse you recognize the exceptional Steeler design. And you know a Steeler does not compromise on built quality and the best possible propulsion and electrical systems.

But the new Explorer is your story.

If you need a crew of three for careless Ocean crossings, we incorporate three comfortable and separate crew cabins. On top of the owner’s cabin and three guest rooms of course.

And if you need a lift from the lower deck to the fly for whatever need or wish.. you got it.




Ever asked yourself why beautiful boats are often so impractical to sail and why more practical yachts seem so unattractive? From the moment Bronson Marine was founded we set out to end this contradiction once and for all, building the finest looking and most user-friendly motoryachts available today. This interface between beauty, design, quality and comfort is at the heart of the Bronson success story and one of the reasons why owners love spending so much time on their yacht, quietly enjoying the admiring glances on the way.


Just imagine…

A yachting experience beyond your imagination

Finally finding a shipyard that offers what you want.

… And not just what they happen to have

A custom yacht with your personal signature

Designed and built to the highest level of Dutch quality

Backed up by red-carpet service wherever you are in the world

Imagine the feeling of not having to compromise

And enjoying each and every minute onboard

Imagine a yacht that is truly yours

And a shipyard that becomes part of you too

Yachting can be totally enjoyable without any hassle.

Our 100% customer loyalty rating proves the point

Partner with Steeler Yachts for the perfect yachting experience.

And just imagine…

Let’s partner together on creating your perfect yachting experience.

What makes us believe we can?

Once a Steeler,
always a Steeler

Every one of the 100-plus new-build clients are still a Steeler owner today. It’s because they keep their yachts that it’s so hard to find a Steeler on the second-hand market. Many owners are cruising in their first, second or third Steeler and the resale value of a Steeler is best in class due to the superior build quality, timeless beauty and limited availability.

What do the professionals say?

Steeler Yachts is the most awarded Dutch shipyard over the last decade. Continuous industry-leading innovations and superior build quality have been recognised with seven European Powerboat of the Year awards, three times Winner and the Dutch Powerboat of the Year award.

Service enhances loyalty

All Steeler yachts are rigorously tested by our team of experts before delivery to the client. Our super-stringent protocol has resulted in smooth deliveries and played a significant role in our 100% customer loyalty rating.

Service and support are critical factors in our obsession with offering the best possible yachting experience. Providing Steeler owners with the peace of mind to know that help is just a phone call away helps us as a yard too. It transforms clients who are delighted at the time of delivery to dedicated Steeler brand ambassadors over the years ahead.

In fact, we didn’t even have to call in a copywriter for our recent brochures as they were filled with testimonies and stories by Steeler owners.

A personal matter

You know it, we know it… Time is the most valuable asset we have in life. That’s why we aim to make your free time on the water as comfortable as possible. It’s is also the reason behind taking the time to create your yacht together with you.

Building at Steeler means being in direct contact with the builders of your yacht as often as required to understand your needs and wishes. It’s a personal matter, something between you and us. It’s a personal interaction too, one that generates a bond between client and yard that results in a unique yacht with her own story to tell.

And it’s another asset that sets Steeler apart from mass production yachts which require a build number to separate them from the rest of the fleet!

Experience counts

Many of our clients have seen it all. Some have owned a superyacht and endured a limited sailing area and lack of privacy. Others have unsuccessfully tried to convince a mass producer to build them something special and custom.

Those experienced eyes light up when they discover Steeler Yachts as the place to create a pocket-size superyacht. One that meets the demanding quality they expect and rekindles the excitement of ownership again. A yacht that offers a haven of pleasure to share with family and friends while realising that luxury is found in details, not size.

Having become the builder of choice for these clients, everyone at our yard is dedicated to keeping it that way by offering the best of the best…  And then going one Steeler step further again.


Steeler Ocean Explorer 22M

Steeler 52S Performance

Steeler 57S Long Range

Steeler 61 S Electric

One of a kind

Steeler Yachts builds handcrafted motoryachts of ultimate luxury.

Our yachts are renowned for their avant garde design, superior build quality and endless customisation possibilities.
We build every Steeler completely by hand in the Netherlands to the exact requirements of our clients. One of a kind motoryachts, for one of a kind owners.

This obsessive drive to provide custom & careless yachting turned all our owners into ambassadors. They finally found the alternative for mass products with endless snaglists and impersonal service and they want the yachting community to know !

Welcome to Steeler Yachts!
59 S Long Range


Because every Steeler tells a story, the yard behind them has a great many tales to tell. Stay up to speed with the latest developments with our newsletter. Featuring details of events where we can meet to discuss your ideas, new launches and owner-driven innovations, the Steeler newsletter makes for an inspiring read.

65 S Performance Trawler
Design and Comfort
Ocean Explorer 22M

The choice is yours

Steeler has successfully delivered more than 100 yachts over the past decade, each custom-created for clients with very different personalities and needs. Should long range cruising be your goal you’ll likely opt for an indestructible steel construction. If higher speeds are a priority, let’s build your performance yacht in aluminium. And we also offer a superior trawler line in steel and/or aluminium. All Steeler yachts today benefit from our patented S-design hull in terms of low fuel consumption, minimal spray and maximum interior volume. Read more about this highly innovative hull here.

Bronson 50
57S Performance
56S Performance


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