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Doing things differently

Innovation is a big word – often used but rarely lived up to. At Steeler we don’t see innovation as a goal in itself but as an integral part of finding new ways to meet the particular wishes of individual clients. It’s never easy to do things differently – if it was, someone else would have already done so! Finding solutions to your requirements involves lots of thought and leveraging on our experience as sailors as well as boatbuilders. Once our incredible craftsmen get to work, this ultimately results in advanced, practical and feasible answers that offer you a truly memorable time onboard.

65 S Long Range

The S-design revolution

A typical example of how we do things differently at Steeler Yachts is our fully patented and truly innovative S-design hull. This revolutionary concept was developed based on our knowledge, a wealth of client input and the ambition to make the best hull possible in terms of fuel consumption, comfort and space… In other words, the primary factors that are crucial for those who appreciate quality.

Unveiled in 2017, the S-design hull combines the elegant design elements for which Steeler is famed with a steep high-flared bow. This gives you faster hull speeds with reductions in fuel use of up to 40%. A fine example came with the maiden voyage of the 59-foot Ocean Camp to Gibraltar in the summer of 2018. She consumed just 3325 litres of fuel in travelling 1250 nm: 2.66 litres per nm at 7 knots on a trip that included crossing the Bay of Biscay, force 7 winds and 4-metre waves.

Ocean Camp gave those onboard a very comfortable ride too. Like all S-design yachts, the razor-sharp entry level of the bow keeps any wake spray to an absolute minimum while also reducing resistance. And the high flair of the S-design adds a great deal of interior volume, offering you the space you deserve to make the most of your time below deck too.

The S-design hull is available in steel as a long-range cruiser and in aluminium if you are looking for a high performance yacht. We have also created a distinctive S-design trawler line, available in steel or aluminium (see our latest model in action here). All benefit from maximum seaworthiness and stability.

Award-winning ideas

The introduction of the S-design hull follows on the heels of many other firsts for Steeler. Here are just a few of the more recent innovations we have pioneered – and some of the recognitions we received from our yachting industry peers in return:


  • The Steeler NG50, a highly efficient semi-displacement steel motoryacht, was nominated for the Dutch Motoryacht of the Year award in 2011


  • In 2012 we introduced our much-loved hydraulic tender carrier: an elegant and efficient solution for tenders up to 450 kg
  • The Steeler B 36 was the first tender with foldable side wings and in 2012 was nominated as Dutch Powerboat of the Year


  • The Panorama Flatfloor 46 offered single-level-living from bow to stern and won the European Powerboat of the Year award in 2015


  • The NG43 Offshore set new efficiency standards for an aluminium motoryacht, planing at 23 knots @ 3.7 litres per nautical mile. She was rewarded with the European Powerboat of the Year trophy in 2016


  • This Steeler B 34 came with our patented free fender system and high-speed bimini, earning it a nomination in 2017 as European Powerboat of the Year
  • The premiering of double-insulated glass in 3D shapes was a unique first for Steeler and has since become standard on all our yachts
  • Unveiling of the Steeler Digital Yacht Management, offering 24/7 monitoring and direct support from the yard to all Steeler yachts regardless of location. Now standard on all Steelers as an integral part of our unrivalled service and support regime


  • The Steeler 52 S combined the assets of a coupe & convertible motoryachts, bridging the gap between cruisers and tenders. It was nominated for the European Powerboat of the Year award in 2018


  • The Steeler 65 S Li-Janne showcased the exceptional degree of customisation we offer, being fully wheelchair-accessible with triple hydraulics and double power systems for near 100% reliability.
  • Li-Janne wins the 2019 European Powerboat of the Year award.

Who’s next?

Every Steeler tells a story and features new innovations to suit your needs. Let’s build something special together and add your yacht to this list!