Why Steeler

A thrill to build…
And a thrill to own

At Steeler we see every new build as a challenge to exceed our own meticulous standards. Creating a bespoke yacht that meets the needs and desires of demanding clients always leads to new solutions. And the excitement of seeing these ideas come to fruition is why each project is such a pleasure for all involved. Let’s start writing your personal Steeler story now.

Their words, not ours…

Before you dive deeper into this website and explore how you might partner with Steeler on your own motoryacht adventure, why not first hear from those who have gone before you? It is rare for luxury yacht owners to speak in public about their experiences and we are proud that so many Steeler owners are happy to share their testimonies in this way. These contributions have not been edited by us – they are the honest opinions submitted by delighted clients and the reason why so many people return to enjoy the thrill of a build at Steeler. Longer versions of these client stories are also available in a printed brochure… Contact us if you’d like one to read.

Beauty meets comfort

Ever asked yourself why beautiful boats are often so impractical to sail and why more practical yachts seem so unattractive? From the moment Steeler Yachts was founded we set out to end this contradiction once and for all, building the finest looking and most user-friendly motoryachts available today. This interface between beauty, design, quality and comfort is at the heart of the Steeler success story and one of the reasons why owners love spending so much time on their yacht, quietly enjoying the admiring glances on the way.

65 S Long Range

Doing things differently

Innovation is a big word – often used but rarely lived up to. At Steeler we don’t see innovation as a goal in itself but as an integral part of finding new ways to meet the particular wishes of individual clients. It’s never easy to do things differently – if it was, someone else would have already done so! Finding solutions to your requirements involves lots of thought and leveraging on our experience as sailors as well as boatbuilders. Once our incredible craftsmen get to work, this ultimately results in advanced, practical and feasible answers that offer you a truly memorable time onboard.

Raising the bar

The Netherlands has established itself as world leader for the building of top-quality yachts. Boats are in the DNA of the Dutch and at Steeler we embrace this rich heritage… And then raise the bar to a higher quality standard than anyone else in the 15 to 25-metre motoryacht range. Our exceptionally efficient building process means you enjoy all this for a very fair price, backed up by unrivalled customer care. How do we do it?

52 S Performance

Custom made is our standard

Steeler Yachts has an exceptional number of repeat clients, thanks in part to our distinctively personal approach. We live up to our promises and understand that all clients are unique individuals with unique requirements. Limiting our production to bespoke projects allows us to give our full attention to you as a client throughout the design and construction process.

We are where you go

The horizon is rarely the limit for Steeler yachts and our clients love to explore the world in their bespoke boat. As they do so, they can rest assured that our service and support goes with them, both via our network of local agents and 24/7 onboard with the exclusive Steeler Digital Monitoring System.