Steeler NG43 Perfecto


Over the past decade Steeler has launched scores of top-quality motoryachts in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can read more about our previous models here but the emphasis today lies predominantly on the award-winning S-design models.

These combine the design for which Steeler is best known with a patented hull shape that ensures a higher hull speed, lower fuel consumption and much less spray. The steep bow with the high flare increases your interior space, providing even more comfort than what you would already expect from a Steeler.

The S-design is available in steel (long range), aluminium (performance) and trawler versions, with a Flybridge option for the larger models. Read on and find the motoryacht that suits your sailing lifestyle.


S-Line Long Range

Steel – (semi) displacement upto 15 knots. 
There’s a great big world waiting to be explored and a Steeler long-range yachts will take you there in maximum comfort and style. Built in steel based on our award-winning S-design hull, life at sea does not come better than this.

S-Line Trawlers

Aluminium or Steel.
The latest new innovation to the S-design portfolio, Steeler Trawlers are setting new standards for adventurous yachtsmen looking for fun, speed and comfort.

S-Line Performance

Aluminium – planing upto 38 knots.
If you enjoy cruising at speed with all the assets of our superb S-design hull, a Steeler Performance yacht is for you. Built in aluminium, customised to your desires, your comfort is assured at all times.

Bronson Supertenders

Aluminium – planing upto 48 knots.
Bronson is the exclusive powerboat division of Steeler Yachts, a separate part of the business that serves a different clientele while still offering the same premium quality as the mother brand. Read the story of how the Bronson brand developed here before clicking through on the right to three fine examples.

Panorama FF

Unique ‘Single level living’ motoryacht with extraordinairy space and comfort.


Seaworthy and efficient long distance passagemakers.

Next Gen

Elegant, classic design, filled with innovative features.