Power cruiser

Steeler B36


10.55 m / 34.61 ft
3.00 m / 9.84 ft
0.70 m / 2.30 ft
5.500 KG / 12.125 lbs
Yanmar 8LV-370HP

Nominated Dutch Powerboat of the Year in 2012, the Steeler Steeler B36 was the first model in the world to have foldable side decks, furniture loungers that fold under hatches and the versatility required to be able to decide each day how you want to play. The stern folds open with a press of a button on the remote control, expanding into a colossal terrace like an oyster. Combined with the side decks, this creates your very own leisure island. The Steeler B36 is also fitted with spud poles so you get to choose when life’s a beachJ

Exceptionally fast, the Steeler B36 also opens up vast areas to explore. From the dashboard you have touchscreen control over everything from the navigation lighting and electric cockpit hatch to the chart plotter and fridge. In the hold you can make an à la carte choice between a range of stainless-steel designer furniture, from a lounge couch to reclining chairs. After going for a swim enjoy a hot shower with the unit that briefly takes the place of the deck washing tap. And the closable toilet ensures total privacy.