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Our Boot Dusseldorf team will be proud to tell you all about this innovative yacht, that already has been awarded with a powerboat of the Year Nomination, A livestream will be set up to be able to experience her live in Norway.

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A global first!

STEELER YACHTS proudly introduces the 61 S Electric, the world’s first fully electric and therefore seaworthy prestige motor yacht. The three-decker ‘Flat floor Panorama Concept’ adds the title of the most spacious motor yacht in its full length. What more proof is needed that ultra comfort really can go hand in hand with durability? This is a truly unparalleled combination.

One of a kind

The STEELER 61 S Electric is a unique motor yacht. Built according to our ‘single level living’ concept, awarded European Powerboat of the Year. We have pulled out all the stops in terms of accommodation, comfort and luxury to convince even the most demanding water sports enthusiast that a villa on the water really does exist under 20m yacht length.

Minimal ecological

But let’s start with the unique drive technology of the 61 S Electric. We all know that the days dominated by fossil-fueled ships engines are coming to an end. Instead, we are seeing bio-fuels, the possibility of hydrogen and most certainly electro-motors. While such progress may not be everybody’s cup of tea, it can certainly do no harm. On the contrary. The dimensions and weights are smaller than those of combustion engines, while their power continues to reach new heights. Batteries have become lighter and stronger with greater charging capacity and therefore quicker charging times. The costs of charging batteries are now also attractive, and even free of charge in some ports (in Norway for example)!

Moreover, an electric motor driven by a generator is considerably more efficient than a conventional diesel engine. Even during the charging period for the batteries therefore, the 61 S Electric is more economical than a traditional diesel engine.

With today’s state of technology, there is no other motor yacht with a more limited ecological footprint than the STEELER 61 S Electric.

The engine space of the STEELER 61 S Electric contains a state-of-the-art drive system, comprising a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack powered electromotor. The battery sets comprise 18 containers, each with 16 cells, sufficient for an action radius of 4 hours’ sailing. Out on the ocean waves, a diesel generator provides the power. The batteries are charged in two hours, so that the generator only needs to work two hours during a full 10-hour sailing day. The 61 S Electric also features solar panels for a permanent and natural power supply.

Unequalled space

The triple decker design of the 61 S Electric makes it an impressive looker. Its silhouette is shaped by the bows and the streamlined length of the hull itself. Add to that the coupé-style cabin tapering backwards, with the fly-bridge towering on top.

The principle of the triple decker ‘Flat Floor’ design of the 61 S Electric is based on the Steeler vision of ‘single level living’, whereby the owner has full command of the saloon, galley and master bedroom on the single level middle deck, over the entire length from fore-to-aft, without any stairs or height differences.

The top deck houses the wheelhouse with entertainment area, freely connected to the open rear deck. The lower deck is home to two guest cabins, each with its own bathroom.

The 61 S Electric was launched this year.

Concept : Steeler Yachts b.v.
Exterior design : Vripack
Interior design : Vripack
Electrical system : Hydrosta

18.60 m
6.00 m
Electric propulsion
70.000 KG
Classification A
6 beds

61 S Electric


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