Dick & Anja, NG40 ‘Imagine’

“From the day of completion of our Steeler NG 40 we have been getting countless admiring looks and compliments.”

We chose the Steeler NG since we fell in love with the design and the appeal of the boat. Other high-quality boats are undoubtedly on offer in this price segment, but the appearance of the Steeler NG made the difference.

We had years of boating experience on a somewhat smaller vessel, which however did not offer enough comfort to make longer trips. The Steeler NG 40 does offer the space to comfortably sail both domestic and foreign waters, even when the weather is a bit less friendly sometimes, such as during the early or late season. Over two seasons we have clocked 500 engine hours and covered a distance of nearly 5,000 km, in the Netherlands and Belgium for now. Our Steeler fully conforms to all our wishes.

The advantage of custom-built is that you can put lots of your own preferences and ideas into the project so you end up with a unique ship made entirely to your own taste, nearly without making any concessions, because that is what the standard prescribes.

In custom-built construction, you will be very closely involved in the construction process from the very first shipyard visit up to completion. It’s not just about casually popping in to check progress from time to time, but about actually having a say in things on-site and making decisions at construction meetings. Your boating fun will start at the drawing table.

Custom-built means a very large degree of involvement in the construction process, so you personally get to know the whole Steeler team. We found that very positive, and it makes it very easy, even long after completion, to approach them with any issues that might arise.

From the day of completion of our Steeler NG 40 we have been getting countless admiring looks and compliments. On trips and in ports, people are eager to express their opinions about the ship and about our custom layout and interior, which only serves to confirm the choices that we made. Really nice!

Custom-built sometimes means experimenting with different layouts, new materials, different technical systems to make the boat truly our own. But it sometimes also leads to initial problems. However, all of those are resolved quickly, skilfully and in a very customer and service-oriented manner Love at first sight.