Evert-Jan & Tineke, NG40 ‘n Moment

“we were given the chance to make on-site additions to our wish list.”

It was really an easy choice at the time, as this boat fulfilled all our wishes: the outdoor feeling, the large, open sliding roof and awning over the stern cabin, and of course the design and beautiful curves that make this vessel a real trend-setter

Our first experience and contact was with Isabel, and it was such a good feeling that we thought: this is where we’re going to buy our boat. We were always welcomed during construction, to our surprise really, and we were kept informed of the planning. Even more importantly, we were given the chance to make on-site additions to our wish list. We had a very special experience with Hans Webbink: our boat was not finished yet, and Hans knew that my brother, who was seriously ill, would love to see the boat at our home in Naarden.

Hans did everything he could to achieve that, even with a plan to bring a similar boat to Naarden, but unfortunately it was too late. Apart from the Steeler management we were impressed with all the competent, professional employees at the shipyard, not only during construction but after completion as well. Any issues were quickly, professionally resolved, to the great credit of this shipyard.

The first newsletter about the Steeler NG 40 said that people watching on the quays got stiff necks from following the boat even after it had passed. And we shared their experience entirely. We were super proud when people at the marina were admiring our boat, and we were glad to allow them to admire its interior as well. We were proud being able to share our enjoyment of our Steeler!