Ivar & Elisabet,
59 S 'Ocean Camp'

‘A personalized yacht of high quality and useful functionalty, wrapped in an eye catching, timeless design’.

After many years of sailboat cruising around Norway, combined with a bit early job retirement, we wanted to explore new horizons like the rivers and canals of Northern Europe. Believing Holland is one of the greatest boatbuilding countries in Europe, we searched the net and saw a drawing of the beautiful Steeler 50 S which triggered our interest. After visiting several yards and boat shows to check all alternatives, we ended up with a customisation process with Steeler, as a young and forward leaning yard that was able to cope with our long list of ideas and demands for a personalized yacht. We did not want any mass produced product, but a personalized yacht of high quality and useful functionalty wrapped in an eye catching, timeless design. 

During the design process we found that the canals and rivers was not a good idea for us because the boat would be either too big for the canals or too small for our comfort demands. So we changed the scope to a full year live-onboard offshore going vessel suited for both the sunny Mediterranean and the cold but fantastic Norwegian cost. We wanted the boat to be as small as possible to reduce consumption, maintenance, cost and ease of operations in small harbours and anchorages, but still big enough to house all of our prioritized equipment and comfort spaces. All equipment like tender and kayaks should be stored safely inside the yacht, to ease cleaning and maintenance. We ended up building the 59 S, and after one year live-onboard from the Danish cost all the way to Italy, we are very satisfied with our floating  home, generating an endless stream of new adventures. The build process went as smooth as we possible could expect, thanks to Niels and Yorrith as our contact persons, always followed up by email, phone and several visits at the yard to discuss details, make decisions and controlling the progress.

From early building stage when the steel cutting package was laser beamed and 1500 grey steel parts was piling up on the floor, it is extreemly satisfying to watch the final result of the floating, white yacht with all the beautiful shapes and curves. It is almost hard to believe it is actually made of steel, a very strong and long lasting hull making up a safe and robust yacht. The steel hull is also the perfect base for a fully insulated yacht with custom interior layout.Combined with Kabola central heating with double-up water based floor heating in every room, preheated intake air in mechanical ventilaton, full air condition, UV filtrering double glazing, the climate condition can be perfectly controlled under all wheater conditions. 

The low noise level  and fuel consumption from the two main Cummins engines at low RPM combined with the Magnus Master stabilizers makes us travel long distances very safe and comfortable. We explore distant shores where we can enjoy our favourite onboard equipment like the 40 knots water jet dingy, the kayaks, bikes, diving equipment with air compressor, water skies, mountain skies and hiking boots, fishing, golf and fitness gear, if not just relaxing in the sun, reading a book in the hammock or jumping out for a swim. Often we also use a rental car or take the bus or train to get around on shore, finding new mountains to climb or cities to visit, while the yacht acts as a living platform making all this possible in a comfortable manner.

So, why don’t we use a sailboat for this, as we are very familiar with sailing? It is because the motor yacht is the more comfortable solution when living onboard over longer periodes. While nothing compares to a well balanced sailboat catching a smooth breeze, 95% of the time we are at anchor or in a marina, where the living space, light and view is significantly better in our motor yacht. And, when sailing, very often the wind is actually gone or directly in the nose, which means start the engine..  But using an engine on a sailboat is not as comfortable as cruising with a motor yacht. Docking in a marina is very easy with this motor yacht due to the heavy displacement which makes it non-sensitive for wind, and with the two main propellers and the strong hydraulic bow and stern thruster. Combined with the wireless remote control it is easy to fine tune the movements standing where ever you prefer outside the wheelhouse.

After docking it is very pleasant and time-saving to wash the whole boat outside using the installed Baudoin washing system with clean water and no chemicals.

Our experience after the take-over at the yard a year ago is that every incident or problem with equipment or installations on board is followed up by the yard until it is solved, and this makes us comfortable to turn to Steeler again if we at any later point of time decide to do a new yacht build project in steel or aluminum.