A custom-built yacht is like a bespoke suit: it only fits its owner. But a yacht like this also projects the quality of its construction. In that respect, the new Steeler S- Design 65 is very highly rated: construction and finishing are at super yacht level.

The yacht has a superb, tasteful interior. The helm position is like a cockpit, with all the equipment and displays around the helmsman. There is a 360-degree view, and the sliding roof means that you can also enjoy the sun inside. The layout and design are determined together with the customer. Optimum use has been made of the space below decks. There are 8 comfortable sleeping berths next to the hugely spacious wheelchair room with its special stretcher shower.

The engine room is everything a technician could dream of. The equipment is easily accessible, all wiring is labelled and neatly tied up. Two Cummins QSL 9 diesel engines of 410 hp provide the propulsion. Thanks to an efficient underwater hull, they are quiet and economical even on a 54-ton heavy yacht. At cruising speed, 12 km p/h, the consumption is only 25 l/h per engine.

It is a pleasure to sail with the Steeler. The helm seat offers every conceivable comfort and even has an integrated joystick for control. The boat sails easily, does exactly what you expect and seems to invite you on a long journey through tumultuous waters. There is a Magnus roll damping system to prevent the yacht from rolling whilst cruising. In fact, this yacht is flawless. That’s also reflected in the price: starting at €1,755,000.00


The Steeler is a beautifully lined, modern motor yacht that exudes class. The Li-Janne is a striking sight in the port of Urk in the Netherlands. She towers high above the other yachts and attracts tourists who take a selfie with the light blue yacht. The yacht was designed by Martin Bekebrede, who refined and technically worked out the lines of shipyard owner Hans Webbink. Webbink is a well-known name in the world of water sports. He first bought the boat company Antaris and after the sale set up the Steeler shipyard. The Overijssel-based shipyard builds steel and aluminium yachts between 29 and 65 ft. The outlines of these are fixed, but the interior is in all cases composed together with the owner. Alongside the much-vaunted Next Generation line with a flared bow, the S-line stands out for its upright stem. The S-line is available in both aluminium and steel in lengths between 41 and 65 ft.

With a length of almost 20 metres, the tested S- Design 65 is the biggest yacht the shipyard has ever built. The steel yacht is solidly built and the paintwork is also of super yacht quality. The upright stem reduces resistance, which makes it easy for the boat to sail faster than its hull speed. Also, less spray is thrown up in waves. The yacht also stands out for having wheelchair access. This called for a number of adjustments, which are not only very smart, but also elegantly executed.