Steeler Bronson 50 nominated for European Powerboat of the Year award 2021!

Steeler Bronson 50 nominated for European Powerboat of the Year award 2021!

Steeler Yachts competes in the challenging ‘Yachts up to 20 metres’ category

Steeler Yachts has been nominated for the “European Powerboat of the Year 2021 award”. The recently introduced ‘Bronson 50’ high performance yacht will compete against formidable international boat builders in the category of large planing yachts between 14 and 20 metres. Only 4 other competitors are in the race to win this prestigious award and Steeler Yachts is extremely proud and thankful to be one of the five finalists.

The design phase started in 2016 and it took three years before the green light was given to start production of a performance yacht that would meet the initial goal: to unite performance, versatility, usability and comfort in a breathtaking design. Only months after her introduction, the Bronson 50 has proven to deliver. Owner of the first B50, René van de Berg: “My first experience with the Steeler Bronson 50 far exceeds any expectations. The living space is enormous, and the electric glass ceiling is glorious. Apart from the comfortable interior, the sailing performance is amazing. Dry cruising on a choppy Mediterranean Sea at 30 to 35 knots is a true pleasure for the captain and guests alike!”

The electric glass ceiling and the rotating bimini top are probably the most innovative features of the Bronson 50. The versatility of having an open day boat that can transform to a hard-top cruiser offering luxurious accommodation is probably best described as the “Swiss army knife” among the day boats.

The jury of the “European Powerboat of the Year 2021” are the editors-in-chief, and their test drivers, of the leading European motorboat-magazines : BOOTE (Germany), (Italy), Båtmagasinet (Norway), (Switzerland), Motorboot (Netherlands), Náutica y Yates (Spain), Neptune (France) and Yachtrevue (Austria). This jury jointly represents over one million monthly readers, making the European Powerboat Award probably one of the most acknowledged awards of this industry.

Steeler Yachts has been nominated six times in various categories in recent years and was a proud winner in 2015, 2016 and 2019. Such international recognition for the continuous flow of meaningful innovations is a major source of inspiration for the entire Steeler Yachts team.

The European Powerboat of the Year 2021 award will be presented in January 2021.