Steeler Yachts celebrates 10th anniversary

100% customer loyalty marks first decade

Steeler Yachts celebrates 10th anniversary 100% customer loyalty marks first decade

In August 2010 Steeler Yachts was founded and the first model, the Steeler NG50, was presented at the HISWA in Water boat show in Ijmuiden, The Netherlands. Steeler’s mission was to build Steel motoryachts to run at semi-displacement speed equipped with multiple innovations to make life easy on board. During the first boat show, two NG50’s were sold and an exciting journey had started. Ten years later, Steeler Yachts has sold 101 yachts, has won three European Powerboat of the Year awards and, most important of all, has an unrivalled customer loyalty rating of 100%. The fact that not a single Steeler client moved over to another brand, is unique for any shipyard and a very promising foundation for the next decade.

A brief history
During the first years, the Next Generation range expanded with the NG40 and NG43 and other model lines were added to the portfolio. In 2011, Steeler introduced under the sub-brand Bronson, an eccentric aluminium tender with foldable sidewings, the Bronson 36. The label Bronson is a wink to ‘leatherface’ Charles Bronson famous for mysterious, rough and unconventional characters in over 90 movies.

In 2012 Steeler started with the development of a revolutionary concept: a single level motoryacht from bow to stern, the Panorama FF. This model acquired international recognition and resulted in the first Powerboat of the Year award for Steeler in 2015. In the same year, Steeler launched her first aluminium motoryacht, the NG43 Offshore. This entry into the segment of fast yachts resulted in an historic achievement. For the first time in history, a Dutch shipyard won the EPY 2016 award in the planing category, an ‘eyebrow raising’ experience for the CEO’s of the mass producers that used to dominate this segment. In 2017, Steeler introduced the S-line series. The foundation of the S-line models is the patented hull design and the steep bow with a high flare, delivering speed/consumption ratio’s that are set the standard for the industry in 2017 and still continue to do so in 2020. On this foundation, every Steeler S is entirely custom built to the exact requirements of the clients. The 65 S “Li-Janne”, a wheelchair accessible motoryacht and winner of the EPY 2019 is the epitomie of the level of customisation Steeler strives for.

In retrospect, Steeler was nominated for awards in five consecutive years and took the winners trophy three times. The Steeler brand became synonymous with continuous innovation and superior built quality and the place to be for knowledgeable yachtsmen who want a yacht to be built their way.


Anno 2020
This year is, in all respects, a very special year. A combination of the recent third expansion of the Steeler shipyard in Steenwijk, a record 21 motoryachts under construction, Steelers’10th anniversary and the big shadow of the Covid-19 crisis that threatens everything that was to taken for granted including enjoying water sports. So far the production of new yachts continues, although some effects are felt in terms of delayed component deliveries and inefficiencies due to the limitations and regulations that are required to keep Steelers’ staff safe and healthy. Looking ahead, Steeler Yachts sees a bright perspective. In essence, yachting is a matter of family and friends enjoying, in private, their leisure time on their second home. Being away from the crowds has always been a main driver for yacht buyers and the Covid-19 crisis adds one more reason to do so.

Steeler’s original mission to build fast and innovative steel yachts evolved over the years. Now, the starting point for every yacht is the client, irrespective of construction material, speed or size : “to surprise, amaze and convince each and every client over and over again with a motoryacht that delivers the perfect yachting experience”. The perfect yachting experience has a different definition for each individual client and the personalised approach of Steeler Yachts will continue to be the driver of success for the next decade.