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Steeler S-design:
Performance Yachts

If you enjoy cruising at speed with all the assets of our superb S-design hull, a Steeler performance yacht is for you. Built in aluminium, customised to your desires, your comfort is assured at all times.

The need for speed

The breeze on your face, relaxed friends & family for company, the waves as your soulmates… It really doesn’t get much better than this! If you’ve ever had the experience of powerfully planing towards the next island, marina or diving spot, you’ll know this sense of contentment well. And how alive it makes you feel.


Making life easy

When enjoying time on your motoryacht, the last thing on your mind should be issues such as cost of ownership, fuel consumption or maintenance. The fact that owning a fast cruiser can come with such concerns is something that we at Steeler Yachts have worked tirelessly to overcome, incorporating some of the smart solutions found in the high-end car industry.

As a result, we believe we can now offer the ultimate motoryacht for those who enjoy a turn of speed: the S-design Performance Yacht. This marries a lightweight yet super-strong hull construction with our patented S-design hull form to generate some truly impressive performance data. Superior speed is combined with low fuel consumption, enhanced stability and maximum comfort in an unprecedented way.


Going the extra mile

A fantastic performance was our first ambition with this yacht… And then we went further with solutions that add to your onboard enjoyment and extend use. For example, how about a convertible that turns into a coupe in bad weather conditions? Or a layout that caters to your specific needs? As standard, you will enjoy climate-proof insulation of the hull and superstructure plus the peace of mind that comes with having your electrical systems monitored 24/7 by the Steeler Digital Monitoring System.

52 S Performance

FD55 S “Flyday”

56S Performance

56S Flybridge Performance

60S Performance
Centre Sleeper

65S Performance