Steeler 46S Performance


14.30 m / 46.92 ft
4.49 m / 14.73 ft
1.19 m / 3.90 ft
1500 ltr / 396 USG
16.000 KG / 35274 lbs
2x Yanmar 8LV – 320 HP
CE classification

Having made the Steeler brand famous for our work in steel, it was perhaps inevitable that we would turn our hand to aluminium motoryachts too. Our Performance line offers you speed/fuel consumption ratios that are unachievable in GRP boats thanks to the combination of the Steeler S-design hull with lightweight yet super-strong aluminium. In addition to fuel savings of some 30%, the patented S-design ensures you minimal spray and exceptional interior volume.
The Performance range also provides the premium standards of luxury, comfort and style that only a Steeler can offer. The 46S offers with standard propulsion a nifty top speed of 32 knots, ensuring that you can head out to explore a wide range of destinations within your favourite yachting area. She also has far greater stability than any GRP yacht because of her low centre of gravity and superior construction material in terms of strength and stiffness.


At the same time – and here again is something you’ll not find on a polyester motoryacht – your fuel consumption at the cruising speed of 25  knots on the 46S Performance will only be around five litres per nautical mile. Yes… 5 litres! And then there’s the exceptional degree of customisation offered by aluminium, a world away from the mould-based construction methods used in a fibreglass equivalent.

The 46S Performance is a vastly superior alternative to the many thousands of different standard cruisers. Enjoy a single-level entertainment area of some 8.05 metres and fine accommodations in two cabins and two bathrooms.

All this and more on the 46S Performance

  • Fuel/performance/noise ratio of 32 knots @ 6 litres per Nm @ 69 Db
  • Entire wheelhouse roof lifts vertically for a true cabriolet experience
  • Easy canopy system for cockpit – out of sight when not in use, no tenax buttons to attach, 60 seconds to put on
  • Easy fender storage in gangway and foredeck
  • Hydraulically liftable bathing platform
  • XXL Webasto sunroof (365 x 245)
  • Fully climate-proof with double-insulated glass and foam-insulated hull
  • Heavy duty cooling and heating systems