Steeler 61 S


18.76 m / 61.55 ft
5.50 m / 18.04 ft
1.23 m / 4.04 ft
4000 liter / 1057 gallon
35000 KG / 77162 lbs
Twin Cummins QSM11 670 HP
CE Classification

This impressive feat of bespoke design, engineering and construction is an excellent example of how a one-off project for an ambitious client with a unique request can become something all Steeler fans can benefit from. The owner of the launch model of the 61S Performance, loved the modern yet retro design look & feel of the Steeler Long Range cruiser line but also wanted to be able to travel from his home in the Netherlands to the Norwegian archipelago of Spitsbergen in not much more than 100 hours net sailing time.

Blending such a powerful performance in aluminium with this type of long range capacity is a rare combination, but one which Steeler has already proven possible with our Trawler 65S Performance. Now we have poured all that experience and more into the 61S Performance, a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. Beneath the elegant timeless shaping lurks an S-design hull capable of a top speed of 24 knots. Equally impressive is the fact that the fuel consumption per nautical mile is virtually flat from cruising to maximum speed.

As the yacht heads regularly close to the Arctic region, the first 61S is incredibly well-insulated. All Steelers are ready for all weathers and have excellent double-glazing and heating as standard, but these attributes have proven especially welcome in Spitsbergen. And they will for you too should you decide to embark on your own 61S Performance story.

All this and more on the 61S Performance

  • Optimal range/speed combination with extended fuel capacity (8000 litres)
  • Spud poles for anchor-free and fast mooring in shallow waters
  • Mater bedroom, VIP with ensuite sliding doors, double guest cabin
  • Bespoke walnut interior of superyacht quality standard
  • Full yacht control integrated in both armrests of the Captain’s chair
  • Steeler Digital Yacht Monitoring for 24/7 yacht oversight by the Steeler yard

Built in aluminium, the 61S Performance offers you the speed, elegance, low fuel consumption and countless other comforts of Steeler’s patented S-design hull. Read more about this foundation for your dream motoryacht here.


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