60S Performance Centre Sleeper

The STEELER 60S Performance: pure class!

Even at first glance, there is no doubt that the STEELER 60S Performance is a motor yacht for a connoisseur. The man or woman with such a rich nautical background that they are now ready for the epitome.


A masterly mosaic
of modern meets classic.

The STEELER 60S Performance is the unconventional model within the STEELER YACHTS Performance range. It is the result of intensive collaboration with our partners whereby all possible expertise and experience has been invested in achieving our mutual dream: to build a motor yacht which combines beautiful classicism and optimum accommodation with outstanding sporty performance, seaworthiness and safety. What’s more: the 60S Performance needed to be unrivalled within the Ocean-going category A.

A yacht previously unheard of.

What exactly do you see? A sports ship? A glamour yacht? An explorer for lengthy ocean travel?  The fact is that the STEELER 60S Performance is all these things and more.  The yacht you’ve been searching for all these years, but simply didn’t exist. A delightful design with its modern coupé-style structure and classic high-gloss finish, but at the same time its tough functionality. Traditional craftsmanship but with state-of-the-art comfort. And above all: superior technology for superb performance.


Extraordinary performance

An essential principle in construction of the STEELER 60S Performance is the use of top quality aluminium for the hull and construction. This material offers optimum possibilities when realising specific engineered shaping and dimensions. In this case, the aqua-dynamic properties and effects of the bow and hull design of the 60S Performance. The lightweight aluminium also ensures keener reactions to engine commands and rudder positions, making any manoeuvre a piece of cake.  The 60S Performance – what’s in a name – naturally offers acceleration like no other, and achieves amazing speeds. An initial test sail leaves no room for doubt: this is a planing thoroughbred rather than simply a muscle-bound displacer. Yet the fuel consumption surpasses that of the tried, tested and patented S-range underwater Steeler yachts by tens of percent.

One thousand
and seven-hundred horsepower.

The Piéce de resistance of the STEELER 60S Performance is its motorisation. Two 850 hp six-cylinder MAN diesels stand side-by-side in the midships engine room. They produce 1700 horsepower and top speeds of around 28 knots, with a very comfortable cruising speed at around 22 knots. Both propellers operate within a so-called prop guard, a cage-shaped keel unit to protect them from becoming stuck in shallow waters.


The only thing missing on board the 60S is ….. the decibels. Even at high speeds, the stiff aluminium construction, the perfect underwater structure and extreme sound insulation all combine to provide ultimate tranquillity on board, with noise production some 8 dB lower than other fast motor yachts.

Fully equipped

In the STEELER 60S Performance interior, high-gloss mahogany and sumptuous fabrics rule. The yacht is a so-called centre sleeper, whereby the master bedroom is located midships under the wheelhouse. The bow houses a second VIP cabin, also with its own bathroom. The 60S Performance features a number of seating areas, also outdoors, and is fitted with a fully equipped galley. A unique feature is the single press of a switch to transform the co-driver bench seat into an open mini-fly bridge.



All the options which can be so ideally customised in yachts such as the Steeler 60S Performance have been fully utilised. The ‘Magic Bar’ is a true eye catcher designed specially for the 60S Performance: simply press the button to open this cabinet and access all your favourite whisky bottles perfectly displayed with matching glasses.  Each bottle and each glass is contained in its own custom-designed holder.


18.80 m
4.95 m
twin MAN 850 HP
60 S Performance

60 S Performance