Steeler 50S TA

"KarMa ViDa"

Steeler 50 Trans Atlantic hits the water with a big splash

A mission impossible made possible by Steeler yachts.

With the Steeler 50TA realized a go anywhere semi-planing yacht with a green touch.

Customers with high demands are the clientele of Steeler Yachts from Steenwijk. Time and again, however, very special wishes are put to the shipyard, combined with specifications that at first seem insoluble.

For example, the German couple who are in the final stages of their professional lives ready to realise a dream. Actually, a multiple of dreams. To sail a luxuriously equipped 50 foot boat over the Rhine and Moselle, then across France via Marseille to the Mediterranean.

This set of requirements alone presented two main challenges for the builders.

On the one hand, sufficient engine power to be able to navigate the Rhine uphill without any problems – regardless of the speed of commercial vessels. Original quote from the customer: “If I see the Cologne Cathedral half an hour to starboard, something is wrong!

On the other hand, navigating the French canals and tunnels with a 15 m vessel requires three essential prerequisites: As shallow a draught as possible, a maximum height of 3.50 meters above the waterline and no more than 5 meters in width, which is required for the numerous locks.


But the challenges for the Steeler design and development team became even more extensive:

From Marseille, the route was to go past Gibraltar via Casablanca to the Canary Islands. Then from Gran Canaria to the Cape Verde Islands for a final stopover.

And to crown the trip: departure in Mindelo on the Cape Verde Islands and – after about 2,100 nautical miles non-stop across the North Atlantic – arrival in Barbados in the Caribbean.


In order to achieve the required cruising range, the fuel tank capacity was increased to 5000 liters, but more impressive is the innovative use of a “Wingit-Kite-Boat-System”. This towing kite uses the wind energy in a fuel-saving way and in essence offers the first 4 or 5 knots of speed free of diesel consumption.

For a safe passage of the Atlantic complete redundancy of all technical systems was required and a beam radar, night vision devices, double radio systems, satellite telephone and other state-of-the-art equipment for a carefree crossing.


The yacht named ¬†“KarMa ViDa”, is the first custom-built yacht of a new Steeler generation of unlimited possibilities.

Designed as a semi-planing yacht, the hull is made of steel, combined with a weight-saving aluminium superstructure.

Technical data: Twin Volvo Penta D8-600 (total power 883 kw/1,200 hp), shaft drive with Dynamic Position System, hydraulic bow and stern thruster and a  Magnus-Master stabilisation system.

The Steeler 50TA will officially be presented for the first time at Hiswa 2023 in Lelystad.


16.50 m
4.93 m
3.50 m
6000 l
Twin Volvo Penta D8-600

Standard equipment

Hydrosta bow thruster hydraulic, sider 15
Hydrosta Stern thruster hydraulic, sider 15
Hull modification to semi-displacement and aluminum superstructure
Magnus master stabilization system
Dynamic positioning system from Hydrosta

Hydraulic mast folding
Flexiteak on swimming platform
Flexiteak on gangways and foredeck
Stern door from bathing platform for access to storage space under cockpit can be opened hydraulically
Hydraulic swimming platform
Aluminium hip roof
Baudoin purewater washing system
HP watermaker 70L/hour
Electric bag window on port and starboard
Webasto air conditioning 50,000 BTU
Wingit Kite system on foredeck