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The latest new innovation to the S-design portfolio, Steeler Trawlers are setting new standards for adventurous yachtsmen looking for fun, speed and comfort.

The Steeler trawler experience

Trawlers have a magical effect, inspiring a sense of adventure among those who love to explore the waters. In the past, these trawlers were wooden boats sailed by men of steel who knew that reaching the best fishing grounds quickly was the key to success. But just as modern industrial trawlers have developed into a very different kind of vessel, so too have the versions made for more leisurely pursuits

These pleasure trawlers are still associated with fishing, adventure and a no-guts, no-glory mentality. However, while owners are among the most steadfast, dedicated and non-conformist of yachtsmen, most trawlers on offer these days are anything but fast and adventurous.


A fresh wind

All that’s about to change after a father-and-son team came to Steeler asking us to create a trawler yacht that we didn’t build at the time. We do now… And the results are impressive.

Superyacht quality

Apart from the demands related to cruising and fishing, this new 65-foot Trawler had to breathe premium Dutch quality and design. Examples include a bespoke interior, the ultimate gloss rate of the coating and an extreme level of detail in the technical installation. The result is a luxury trawler that also meets Steeler’s ambition to fuel and strengthen the reputation for excellence of Dutch yacht building.

Other key aspects of the new S-design Trawler line include:

  • Low centre of gravity translates into maximum stability
  • Absence of bow wake at all speeds results in minimum resistance
  • Higher speeds with up to 40% less fuel consumption
  • Minimum spray, dry cruising


Steel and aluminium

The first 65 S-design Trawler has a strong, light and low-maintenance aluminium construction. Steeler wouldn’t be Steeler if we didn’t now up the ante even further by catering for clients who would like to have a trawler in steel. The Long Range version of the Steeler Trawler will also have all the assets of an S-design hull and you can again make as many choices as you like for your interior and facilities. Let’s talk about your new trawler adventures…

57S Long Range Trawler

65S Performance